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Our Equine Mission Statement

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Work ready horses are not made in an instant.  The old Vaquero methodology would call for 5-7 years to prepare a horse.  He would be ridden in various tack and situations to build his confidence.  Our stock is exposed to cattle early on as well as trailers and wildlife.  Building a rich set of experiences for the horse and rider builds confidence.  Our young horses are started in traditional techniques with a modern approach to equine learning and plenty of love.  We offer horses for sale, breedings, riding lessons,  training and trail rides as well at local trails.  

Developing a quality herd takes time.  It also takes a few critical ingredients like genetics, quality forage and careful health planning. Our herd bull is the results of 180 years of genetic selection and sires excellent bull and cow calves that are delivered naturally and with low birth weights.  These cattle are as at  home on the range as they are on small acreage.  When you purchase cattle from GP Ranch and Beef L.L.C. you will have good understanding of what they are capable of.  Leaving your herds genetic planning to random chance can put your entire investment at risk and managing risk is key.  Whether you are interested in a successful back yard experience with cattle or looking to infuse new genetics into your operation consider including the  science and care that goes into selecting GP Ranch and Beef cattle.

Our Cattle Mission Statement


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